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December 13, 2012
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Two things happened at once.

The doctor dodged the shape with ease, then pinned it to the ground, where it whimpered pitifully.

A voice of a young man called out: "DISCUS! GET BACK HERE!"

The doctor turned around to see Ayden, his assistant, run inside the room and slam the door back so hard it hit the wall with a loud BAM! He scanned the sturdily built walls, shelves, and floor until he saw the dog struggling on the floor, and rushed toward it. He crouched down to the animal's eye level. "Discus, this man is your friend. Please stop doing that!" Then he realized that it couldn't move. "Uh, could you get your foot off him?" The doctor sighed and removed his foot from the canine's side, who quickly got up and scampered over to Ayden, wagging his tail. "Thanks. I'm really sorry that he does this. For some reason, it's only you he attacks." Ayden smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of Discus's head.

Ayden was 26, but acted like he was ten years younger. He was tall, easily six feet, and had tan skin and brown hair that always looked like it had been tousled up by the wind. His easy-going personality and sparkling blue eyes were recognizable anywhere. He was wearing a faded green robe with silver stitching and sandals -- something he shouldn't have on while working, the doctor noted with a grimace -- and was holding a small leather bag. Despite his overall appearance, however, Ayden was a genius.

"You need to learn how to control your pets." The doctor glared at the large, black dog, which in turn cowered and hid behind his master's legs. "So do you have the items?" He re-adjusted his white, gold-stitched robe, and looked up at Ayden, who handed him the bag. He took it and placed it on the desk. "Any interesting news around town? Stories? Strange happenings?"

Ayden's expression turned serious. "Still no sign of another Electi. People are starting to get worried. There are even rumors floating around that..." he hesitated, tugging on his sleeve.

"That what?"

He looked away, then fixed his eyes straight at the doctor's, set in determination. "That you killed the next Electi for your experiments."

The doctor blinked in surprise. "......What?"

Ayden launched into a long explanation. "Well, you know that they only appear every 50 years, and you're older than 50, and since you've been researching about them ever since anyone can remember, and you're a doctor, and the new Electi should be 14 by now, and the previous one died mysteriously, and--"

The doctor held up his hand. He opened his mouth, paused, then spoke. "It seems like I'll have to tell you something I learned." Despite having lived safely for so long, his heart pounded. He could trust Ayden, right? They'd known each other well enough by now. He walked over to the doorway and leaned his head outside.

The air was cool and crisp, the stars shining brightly in the dark night sky. The grass swayed gently as a small breeze blew down the steep slope, heading for the village that was nestled snugly next to a river. Warm candlelight flickered in the windows of the houses, and not a soul was navigating the streets; the wild animals that prowled at night kept people indoors.

The doctor looked to his right and to his left, making sure no one was lurking around that might overhear. Then he closed the wooden door and pulled the latch shut. He turned and faced Ayden.

Perhaps just discovering how dark the room was with only one candle lit, Ayden fidgeted and glanced around at the dark shadows nervously. The doctor tried a soft smile, but it only made Ayden's eyes grow wide with fear. The doctor cursed to himself. Oh great, way to reassure the kid!

He closed his eyes and recalled his first memory.

He remembered a blinding light that took the form of a bird. The bird. Its wings and feathers glowed with light that pooled and trickled around the rest of its body, like it was made of liquid fire. Each strand of light had a different hue -- white, orange-white, orange, dark orange. Its eyes were fierce white and shone with an intensity that would have been impossible to replicate.

The doctor imagined himself standing in front of the bird, heat rolling off the creature in waves. He imagined he had a cup in his hands. He held it under the bird's beak, and a tendril of liquid dropped down and filled the cup. As soon as the liquid touched the brim, the bird disappeared and the liquid changed from a fire-y light to a swirl of colors. The doctor stared at its beautiful surface, then, outside his mind, held out his hands in front of him, cupped.

His palms gradually acquired a lighter skin tone, then turned stark white and started to shine, first dimly, then gaining strength until it lit up the entire room. Ayden squeaked in shock and stepped back. His foot caught Discus's paw and he stumbled backwards, hitting the floor and crawling backwards until his back was against a bookcase.

In the doctor's hands, a light pulsed slowly. The light solidified and took the form of a ball. Every color ever seen flowed across it in wispy flares. Ayden, his eyes wide with wonder, stared at it as it changed in a way he had probably never seen light do. The ball of color melted. It splashed against the doctor's robes and dripped onto the floor, spraying droplets of color all over the room.

Then, somehow, it turned back into rays of colorful light, like it had remembered that it wasn't water.

The doctor opened his eyes and lowered his hands as hues of light radiated through the room. His eyes changed colors in time with the glow around him. When he saw a mixture of awe, shock, and disbelief on Ayden's face, he laughed. "What do you think?"

Ayden closed his mouth, which had been open, and stuttered. "You...Y-You're a..."

The doctor smiled. "Yes, I'm the dead Electi."
Woo! How do you guys like Ayden and Discus? (Ayden is pronounced like "A-den"). I have a feeling I'll enjoy writing about those two.
Sigh.......colors are so beautiful! :iconimaginationplz:

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconfavsplz::iconfavs2plz:

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Wow, very creative and wonderful surprise ending :D
FadingNinja Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why, thank you! I've been meaning to write some sort of story some time, and this just somehow popped into my head. =D Hopefully, I can be as non-cliche as possible! =)
Just write for your own enjoyment, there will be many others who will be on the same wavelength and really enjoy your creations :D
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